The US Debate on the Brotherhood

The Egyptian government has nothing to fear from the nascent US debate on what US policy should be with regard to the Muslim Brotherhood, as this typical American voter attests:

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  1. I was in an internet cafe in Ismailia today and two men were sitting in the corner masturbating to a video of a woman belly dancing.

  2. I work in the computing services department of a community college and always catch men, young and old, masturbating to internet porn in the school labs.

  3. I mean, were you honestly expecting americans to hold nuanced debates about the muslim brotherhood? Do you know any country whose non-academics can have intelligent debate on the internet? Or were you just using some rando’s youtube video to perpetuate the image of americans as ignorant nutjobs. I mean, sure, that’s the best way to gain acceptance when you write a left-leaning blog on the Middle East, but its immature and stale. Have some class.

  4. Jose — Non academics are having intelligent debate, on the internet, all the time. And I don’t know Tim, but i suspect the point was that A. the video was very funny in its staggering ignorance and, b. It was a response to a paper written by people that most here know.

    By the way Jose — when it comes to this region (at least) most American’s are blindingly ignorant. That’s a fact.
    An American

  5. when it comes to this region most egyptians are ignorant too! what is the reason for this american exceptionalism… you think you are special or something?

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