Persepolis, the movie

Click on the film poster to go to Marjane Satrapi’s MySpace page and see the trailers for the animated version of her great comic book Persepolis (which you should read if you haven’t yet.)


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  1. I think that as Arabs we have a duty to boycot everything Iranian, untill they stop their terror and crimes and Iraq! and the Arab world the source of their unorginal persian culture and that is the least we could do in case we are not preparing for an all ou war to end th Iranian occupation of Iraq. It would be funny to mention that Persepolis(not the film) is built on Iraqi babaylonian style.
    Those Iranians! Arabs educate them, and they remain full of ingratitude

  2. Hey man you arabs were living like animals, you learned every thing from Iranian. You owe them much.

  3. babylonians, egyptians invented civilsation from scratch persian barbars wereeducated by ancient arabs in the arab world. arab liberation of iraq from persian bar has brought the persian dirt an alphabet LOL………………….and the iranin losers only thrived and had some contribution to world heritage when they were living under Arab dominance

  4. SHUT UP u filyhy ARAB. the world hates you, you took eveything fromus, YOU ATE COACROCHES for god’s sake. you killed you daughters you idiots. dont even talk about persians you fat asses. you took away our religion from us and brought ISALAM(ya right). what ? you thiiink babylonians were arabsss?? YA RIGHT. go read history and then come and say shit. you filthy arab

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