New Syrian opposition website

On the occasion of the re-election (surprise!) of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a new clearinghouse for Syrian opposition news has just been launched. Check out

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  1. actually the latest news is that the swat syrian team has broken into the alomari mosque in daraa killed 5 and injured hundreds ,

  2. It is time for Al Assad to give back syria to its people. forty years of dictatorship, jailing, torturing and killing the people are enough. It is time for the syrian people to unite for democratic syria.

  3. to the Syrians brothers;
    as a Persian i only can wish you all the best in war against the Tyran Assad. may your victory give us also power to uproot the mullas and build a free democratic country.

  4. I hope that the Syrian rebels will remember that the United States and its allies tried to get Russia and China and the world to assist the rebels and bring sanctions against the Assad dictator. It was Russia and China that blocked this effort. Remember that and do not award and contracts or business to China and Russia and close the Russian naval port in Syria. Russia wants Assad in power so they can keep their naval base. They dont care how many innocent Syrians Assad kills.

  5. I have a great Idea !! To target government troops use a childs toy; Take a remote car or truck or any remote kids toy and put explosives on it and drive it into any place were they are sit up!! They'll never see it coming and it's cheap!!!!

  6. Im citizen of Ukraine,
    i together with You in You troubles,
    i sure You are have a Great Ideas, You are want live in democratic Syria,
    i sure You are not a murderers.

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