0 thoughts on “I love the smell of Saudi-bashing in the morning”

  1. A realistic book on Saudi Arabia, written by a non-Muslim American? Is it
    possible? I reluctantly went to Saudi Arabia, perhaps only for a few months, a
    journey which ultimately lasted a quarter century, and involved marriage, and
    the raising of a family in the Kingdom.

    For the thoughtful reader desiring a solution to the current conflict, this book
    should serve as a useful counterpoint to such works as “Hatred’s Kingdom,� “The
    Prince of Darkness,� as well as the titillation of a title like “Saudi Arabia
    Exposed.� And the book contains no apocryphal tales from Princesses and their
    daughters. As you are well aware, these titles, and numerous others project a
    harsh and distorted version of both Islam, and this part of the world, an
    attitude best examined by the works of Edward Said.

    The author was a Medical Corpsman during the Vietnam War, and draws on that
    experience to indicate how many of the same mistakes which were made in that
    prior war are being repeated again today by the United States.

    More information on the book is available at the http://www.tazapress.com website,
    including reviews, and numerous pictures of the Kingdom.

    And confirming what you might have expected, the Taza Press is dedicated to
    providing a fresh approach to today’s issues.

    Thank you for your consideration. – John Paul Jones

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