Links November 24th to November 25th

Links from my account for November 24th through November 25th:

  • IkhwanWeb | Missing Blogger Detained by Interior Ministry Decision – A week after his disappearance: "Egyptian Ministry of Interior issued an arrest warrant on Monday against internet blogger Mohamed Adel after his relatives had filed two complaints to the Prosecutor General against the blogger’s disappearance since last Wednesday."
  • General’s story puts focus on stress stemming from combat – – Four-star general's experience puts spotlight on post-traumatic stress disorder for soldiers in Iraq. Yet another long-lasting gift left to Americans by the Bush administration, and another reason to get out of Iraq now. (Of course, one rarely ever talks about the stress experienced by millions of Iraqis.)
  • Israel watchdog releases video of police headbutting Arabs – Yahoo! News – What is occupation? "JERUSALEM (AFP) – Israeli human rights watchdog B'Tselem released video footage on Monday of a helmeted Israeli policeman headbutting a Palestinian woman during a house demolition in Arab east Jerusalem."
  • Live Piracy Map – Google mapping of piracy acts across the world.
  • Brian’s Study Breaks – Brian continues to talk about MESA panel, including the one I would have attended if I had made it, about the global policy of Saudi Arabiav (Lynch, Hegghammer, Lacroix and more).
  • Documents obtained by Haaretz reveal rift among Hamas leaders – Haaretz – Israel News – The Gazans, in control of real territory they are unlikely to give up now, want more representation: "Palestinian sources say Hamas in Gaza is demanding that its power in the organization's leadership body, the Shura, be increased from 34 percent to 51 percent. It cites its extensive control over the most important grassroots supporters, and the attempt by leaders abroad and in the West Bank to impose their will on Gaza." So this is what it comes to: acting like warlords to keep a scrap of territory rather than uniting the whole of Palestine.
  • The Denudation Of The Exoneration: Part 4 — jihadica – More Dr. Fadl.

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