Mubarak will not go to Doha Arab summit

News has just come out that Hosni Mubarak will not attend the upcoming Doha Arab League summit, suggesting that recent talks to repair the Arab rift during the Gaza war have not borne fruit. Qatar has not been open to rapprochement with Egypt from the start, and efforts to lure Syria away are not working to Egypt’s satisfaction. One major victim of a failed Arab reconciliation could be the Palestinian reconciliation process.

Update: Dina Ezzat suggests the Egypt-Qatar rift is about Sudan/Darfur as well as the Palestinians:

The summit, however, is unlikely to escape being the scene of squabbles over managing the reconciliation process between the Darfur leaders and Al-Bashir’s regime. While Qatar is determined to pursue earlier efforts to conclude a comprehensive peace deal on that front other Arab countries — especially Egypt — are determined to deny Doha control over the issue. As a result the summit may not issue a resolution with clear language on the Darfur-Khartoum reconciliation process.

The anticipated Egyptian-Qatari confrontation in Doha next week will not be confined to the management of the Darfur peace process. The diplomatic tug-of-war between the two countries that has continued for 12 months, especially over Palestinian reconciliation, is likely to cast a shadow across the Doha summit. With President Mubarak unlikely — so far — to attend, sending the foreign, or at best, prime minister, Qatar may not be so keen to avoid some squabbling over the text of resolutions to be adopted by the summit on the Palestinian issue. Sources say that Qatar has already suggested to several Arab countries that there is a need to break the “Egyptian monopoly” over Palestinian reconciliation. While this Qatari effort may not succeed — as some Qatari officials acknowledge — it would certainly impact on already tense Egyptian-Qatari relations.

Update II: AP has a write-up saying:

Hosni Mubarak’s decision, which came two days before the summit starts, already throws major doubts on its chances for success as the organization’s foreign ministers pleaded for unity in the face of threats against its members.

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  1. I will never understand the importance of these summits. When was the last time anything productive was produced? Some will point at the Arab Peace plan, but this offer was on the table for a very long time under the table.

    I remember during the early days of the second Intifada. I was 15 or 16 at the time and when a summit was called everyone, for some reason, would have high hopes. Once they failed, we would grumble, we knew it. This dysfunctional family is hopeless. These summits are like episodes of MTV's "The Real World". Lots of drama, expensive living and plenty of bull.

    It is sad that the opposition in the different countries have not moved forward by creating their own transnational organization to oppose these leaders. It is probably because the leadership of the opposition is just as bad.

    Ah, there, I vented.

  2. Nice venting – I like the idea of a Shadow Arab League, although they would probably disagree just as much. But this summit was going to give clues about whether there will be any Arab reconciliation, without which Palestinian reconciliation becomes more difficult.

  3. Yea, it is like going to a wedding in my family. The internal politics of who shows up, who gives how much and who dances for how long is ridiculous. The question I ask myself, if we do have Arab reconciliation, what will change? What would Arab reconciliation bring? A free Palestine? A united front against Iran? These things were issues when the Arab love was at its height and a democrat was in office and still nothing (politically) got done.

    As a Palestinian (American), I am not even sure how I feel about Palestinian reconciliation under current PA-Ramallah leadership. To me, the prisoner release is much more important. I want a strong legitimate secular opposition that could stand up to Hamas. Something we do not have today.

    And what is with the excessive blogging!? You are spoiling us.

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