Haaretz access banned from Egypt?

A friend wrote this morning saying he couldn’t access the Israeli newspaper Haaretz’s site. I check and could read the main page fine, but clicking on stories such as this one I came up with the same message he received:

Picture 1.png

Anyone having the same issue, or know what that message means? The problem appears intermittent.

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  1. was this the article u couldn't read?

    Dozens of Israeli jets and drones attacked in Sudan'
    By Haaretz Service
    Tags: IAF, Sudan air strike

    TIME Magazine on Tuesday cites high-ranking Israeli security officials as saying that dozens of Israeli jets and unmanned drones took part in the January strike on a Gaza-bound weapons convoy in Sudan.

    According to sources cited in the TIME article, the attacks were carried out by F-16 fighters, which carried out two attack runs on the convoy. F-15 fighter planes were also positioned nearby, a precaution against the possibility of hostile fighters rushing to the area.

    Once the first bombing run was completed, unmanned drones laden with cameras passed over convoy site to ensure its destruction. After the footage indicated that the party was only partially hit, a second pass was ordered.

    Since, according to the source, Israel had but a few days to prepare for the strike, from the time the initial Mossad tip-off was received, naval and aerial rescue teams were speedily directed to the Red Sea, ahead of a potential rescue mission, the TIME report said.

    The sources told TIME that while the Americans were notified of the attack U.S. planes were not directly involved. The article added that contrary to some reports, neither a ship nor a second convoy were attacked. "There was only one raid, and it was a major operation … [involving] dozens of aircraft," he told TIME.

    Although similar shipments headed for Gaza were smuggled through Sudan before, the convoy which was attacked was unprecedented in volume, according to TIME.

    The attack was aimed at warning Iran and another hostile states that Israel possesses the intelligence capability and the willingness to carry out military operations far from her borders.

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