Saudis like to share

For people whose society is organized into a rather extreme public/private divide, Saudis turn out to love sharing information about themselves online. It turns out they share the most of any country on earth.

From a slideshow by Mary Meeker, a renowned analyst on internet trends whose annual presentation at the D11 Conference is a geek favorite:

[via Daring Fireball]

0 thoughts on “Saudis like to share”

  1. That’s bullshit.

    Americans by far share the most about themselves.

    Saudis are #1 in forums, IM, twitter and the like.

    -A Saudi.

  2. Maybe it’s <em>because</em> of the extreme private/public divide that they’re sharing so much online. Online activity gets slated into the "inside the house" side of the divide, and so it’s share away – particularly since they can share so little physically in public. All of which makes me wonder if they’re also voracious consumers of "adult content" (I didn’t want to say the P-word, lest spam blocking kill the post).

    I’ve heard the Iranians are in the same boat, although they go a notch further and have wild, debaucherous parties because of it.

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