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Sweating out the truth in Iran – excellent op-ed by Iranian journalist Maziar Bahari on Hizbullah’s relationship with Iran and hairy mullahs in saunas.

I was a propaganda intern in Iraq – interview with former Lincoln Group Baghdad intern Willem Marx, who planted US Army articles in the Iraqi press.

Key US legislator says will block aid to Lebanon – Top Israel supporter Tom Lantos doesn’t want aid money to go to Lebanon, even though Israel itself says Lebanon should receive international aid to avoid collapse.

Accidental emigrant – Amira Hass on how a Jerusalem-born Palestinian man was permanently kept out of his country.

‘Missing Israeli pilot’ on film – Ron Arad, Israeli air force pilot who was shot down over Lebanon in 1986, may be alive.

Australian Muslim teen is a slur on Islam – Miss Australia contestant being hounded by imams. I’m with Sandmonkey on this one.

ADL Calls Amnesty International Report “Bigoted, Biased, And Borderline Anti-Semitic” – If the Anti-Defemation League says it, it must be true. Oh, and Abraham Foxman says Israel, not Lebanon, is the victim.

The Situation in Iraq – Gilbert Achcar on Iraq and the need for US troop withdrawal.

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  1. Hi Issandr- can’t find your e-mail, so am sending you my question this way- I’m probably going to the Arab Film festical in SF to cover it for someone (maybe AL Jadid, etc)- was wondering if you and/or Hassam would like anything on the fest- it’s the largest in the US and has a good line-up, including some Egyptian pieces.

  2. The ADL press release is interesting.

    Foxman is quoted saying “Israel did not deliberately strike civilian centers…” On the face of it this statement seems like such an obvious whopper that one is left thinking that it must point to something else.

    It does. He goes on to say that the report should have started with Hizbullah’s attacks on Israeli civilians.

    So, placing Hizbullah’s crime (attacking civilian targets) in its rightful place (at the beginning of) the report on Israeli military decisions in Lebanon, would have – Foxcman is telling us – made it clear that Beirut, Tyre, Sidon etc were not “civilian centers,” or at least that the criminality of dropping bombs on them would have thereby been mitigated or justified.

    This is fine–there’s a certain military/political logic to attacking civilians (directly or simply by attacking their sources of food and water), and its strategic efficacy can be debated elsewhere.

    And I guess it’s also fine to weasel around after the fact to justify/cover up. All part of the game.

    Really, it’s all fine. Just fine.

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