Motivational speech to Iraqi police recruits

“I don’t see your ass in my hometown.”

Hmmm perhaps that’s precisely the point.

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  1. What a massive turd, Iraqi police are supposed to handle domestic duties, you don't ship out "police" to fight in active battlegrounds/firefights, that's what the rest of the ISF (Iraqi Security Forces) is for.

    That set aside, I don't see them as fully equipped as the knobhead berating them is, are there lives worth less than his? Maybe if the bloodoil-revenue that goes to putting him up with the best gear was diverted to them then maybe they're be more interested in doing something.

  2. What is it with this guy and "f…g women?" Women fight and die there too. Sexist jerk… Arabs really frown on foul language and humiliating them in this way will not gain Americans any friends…

  3. June, don't worry. They never heard the foul language. I passed this around to friends a week ago. They were really entertained at how the translator does a really good job of cleaning this up into polite Modern Standard Arabic. I was laughing at the entire time . . . more than when the Iraqis begin questioning him and his cohorts about they should outfight American troops supporting them when they do not have supporting artillery, tanks, and helicopter gunships. Another wonderful stroll down the annals of the white man's burden. Priceless.

  4. I suspected as much as this what I was doing translating from English to my language. But it is hard to imagine anyone in the world does not understand the F word. Nevermind, the language is not the biggest issue here. I can understand the frustration of the US soldier, I just think he is really wasting his time thinking this was motivational in any way. I believe the US WANT to help, they want to see that 4000 American lives were not lost in vain, but the Arab world is so different and so more complex than the Western world. We have a saying "good intentions the road to hell." This seems to be the case here. I hope all of these guys eventually get back to their families alive…

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